Reason Why Hips Look Compact

"My hips looks small and perky!" No matter what silhouette you try, everyone says.

Let us introduce the reason why caqu's pants give you good-looking hips no matter which one you wear.

Which of the Hips Looks Smaller, A or B?



The difference between A and B is only the position of the red sideline, the rest are the exact same.

People recognize behind the sideline as "hips".

ince caqu keeps its sideline behind, caqu's hips look small.

It is a simple technique that everyone seems to be able to do, but many customers still say "caqu make hips look small and nice" . That means that other jeans are not so.



Why are the other jeans still on the front side?


Let's set the sideline in front and look at it from the front.


The sideline closer to the front looks slimmer.



Then, the person in the mirror looks smart, it is easy to lead to purchase.



Unfortunately there is no sideline position that looks thinner both front and back, it depending on the idea of the brand.

caqu chooses behind line, thinking that it is really good jeans to be praised for the goodness of style from other people.