caqu's Social Contribution

"Friendship denim" to make JPY500 per jeans to contribute for society of the production site.

Total donations so far    JPY 25,068,776

It helps the aid of Burkina Faso in West Africa in the cotton production area and for the reconstruction of the Tohoku earthquake

that performs sewing and processing.


In 2010, we met Burkina cotton.

It is close to the wild species, we fell in love with a uniqueness that is soft with dry touch.

Burkina Faso located on the upper side of Ghana in West Africa is one of the world's poorest countries, two out of five people can not survive to 5 years old, desertification has progressed and crop yields are decreasing, we learned that it is a harsh living environment.

We have been involved in cotton for many years. Thinking that we should support something in this country, we put a donation of JPY 500 per pants into the price, and in 2010 we started "Friendship Denim" which all purchasers support the production site.

After 2011, we are sorting donations to our sewing and processing site, Tohoku which suffer from the earth quake disaster and Burkina Faso by half. Now we support the domestic and overseas production areas.
We were able to donate more than 19 million japanese yen by 2017.

This is the thing that continues only with your understanding.

We appreciate your continued understanding in the future.

To Burkina Faso

Total donation     JPY 12,847,663

The money is donated to JBFA (Certified NPO Japan Burkina Faso Friendship Association), and it supports the local needs.

2010      JPY 605,000

Installation of a deep well

Set up a deep well in the slums near the capital Ouagadougou, Kongsilga

2011        JPY 1,044,550


Opened a public elementary school in Slum, Komsilga near the capital Ouagadougou

From March 11th of this year, JPY 500 donation money divided by half for earthquake reconstruction in Tohoku.

2012      JPY 1,310,750


Establishment of Agricultural Training Center

We aim for improvement of technology which can combat desertification.


2013-14      JPY 3,323,000

Opened the second public elementary school in the country's poorest region, NabinKenSem.

2015       JPY 1,319,000

Set up solar lights at NabinKensem Elementary School
Started a night school for adults who can not read or write.

2016       JPY 1,256,500


Used for the construction fund of the third elementary school 'Kiddosome Elementary School'

2017        JPY 1,073,688

Used for the construction of the fourth elementary school "Maru Elementary School".

Currently in 2018, JBFA has 10 schools open

To Tohoku

Total donation     JPY 12,221,113

We have been producing mainly in Tohoku since our foundation in 2001.
Since the 2011 earthquake, we donate half of the donation to reconstruction.

Japan Red Cross earthquake relief money

After 2013 we donate to the fostering fund for earthquake orphans.

There are 1,852 children in the three disaster affected areas (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima) who lost parents due to the earthquake disaster.


We are donating to the fostering funds of each prefecture for children who will become future leaders of reconstruction.

Iwate Prefecture


"Iwate Manabi No Kibou Kikin"
  Iwate's learning desire fund

Miyagi Prefecture

"Miyagi Kodomo Ikuei Kikin"

 Miyagi children's education fund

Fukushima Prefecture

"Fukushima Kodomo Kifukin"

 Fukushima Child Donation Fund

※ The amount of donation is allocated according to the number of affected children. Iwate prefecture 583 (32%) · Miyagi prefecture 1,640 (58%) · Fukushima prefecture 199 people (10%)

※ The fund will be used not only for the tuition of the earthquake orphans, but also for purchasing equipment for club activities, supporting expedition expenseses and  assistance for foster care, and also care for children who have emotional wounds due to the disaster.

JBFA - Certified NPO Japan Burkina Faso Friendship Association

Representative Mr. Matsuyama was awarded the national medal by the government of Burkina Faso
Representative Mr. Matsuyama was awarded the national medal by the government of Burkina Faso

Donations for Burkina Faso will be donated to JBFA.

JBFA was founded in 1995 by Mitsuo Matsuyama.
In 2003, it was accredited as the 13th certified NPO corporation nationwide.

Certified NPO corporation is a system that the country (then · now local government) is accredited and can receive tax incentives, the examination is very strict and there is only 0.5% in the whole NPO.

JBFA has provided support for 10 primary schools, 6 clinics, 41 deep wells, 52 public toilets, health guidance and agricultural guidance a lot.

Especially at the opening of the school, we have established excellent results with high sustainability, such as directly working with the Ministry of Education of the local community and establishing it as "public" where the burden of operating funds is not borne by poor residents. (If it is not public, it may be shut down in a short period of time)

JBFA has received numerous awards, including Burkina Faso National Order of Medal (Burkina Faso government) and Social Contributors' Awards (Nippon Foundation), and the Honorary President was appointed
Ambassador of François Ubida、Special Ambassador of the Embassy of Japan. We are leaving JBFA to use donation so that JBFA can flexibly support local needs.

Also, ongoing Friendship Denim 's activities are recognized and our representative Naoki Tsurumaru has assumed office as JBFA' s director since 2016.



Donation Method

We collect the sales quantity of 8/1 -7/31 every year and send money to each group by the end of August.