Room.Store Aoyama

directly managed store

In a quiet residential area surrounded by the green in Minami Aoyama,

there is "caqu aoyama".

Please come upstairs to the 3rd floor and ring the doorbell,

At the beginning you need a little courage, but once you're in, it just feels like you're visiting your friend's place.



You can try on all products and all sizes.




monday to friday


11:00am 〜 7:00pm



 Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are open on request.

Reservation phone number: +81-3-5771-5268


or please contact us by e-mail.


(We may not be able to accommodate your request,

so please forgive us kindly.)

The following cards are available.

For customers who purchase in cash, there are advantageous point cards.

Authorized Shops

Please contact us by phone or email.


Phone  :  +81-3-5771-5268

e-mail  :  please go to contact